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There is the facility of a wheelchair for old and disabled patients. Moreover, the wheelchair is provided to home in case of temporary disability. It also provides beds temporarily. Well-to-do people who buy a wheelchair in temporary disability or beds in case of severe illness donate these things to Muhammadi Medical Trust when the patients get well. So, this service remains to continue. BANK OF EXTRA SPECTACLES There is a special counter in the hospital where people give their extra frames and glasses and needy people get them hence it is mandatory to get the number checked.

Our Projects

You may cooperate by giving charity and donation grants for grants to click the link below. You can donate machinery and equipment to the hospital too. You can attribute the ward, floor, and operation theatre by bearing the expenses of the construction. You can provide the needy and deserving patient free medicine or free spectacles. Contact the administration for this purpose

Donate Us

Experts are invited to train and boost the spirit of social services in hospital staff and volunteers who deliver lectures regarding moral and professional training. Training about expertise attitude toward patients and attendant's comprehension of Quran and Hadith, first aid firefighting and physical exercise is given. Famous scholars and intellectuals deliver lectures.

Find Money Boxes

You can make the treatment of deserving patients by giving Zakat. The amounts received more and more as Zakat is kept apart. To give Zakat click the link below

You can fulfil the duty by becoming a volunteer to Muhammadi Medical Trust. You can participate in rehabilitation and helping earthquake, flood, natural calamity, or epidemic besides training seminars click the link below for the registration.

The construction of a modern hospital from a small dispensary is because of the selfless and sincere cooperation of generous people. You can participate in this noble deed by following ways.

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